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Healing The Subconscious Mind

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Healing the Subconscious Self - “Integrating Your Multiple Personalities”

From the creative impulses of the subconscious mind, a person can create different personalities that are developed and held on the emotional, or astral level of consciousness. The Astral Realm is a zone of consciousness that resonates with unmet needs, unfulfilled desires, and unexpressed emotions. These emotional and primal energies coalesce with mental thought forms to create astral constructs, who appear and act as personalities or entities. The Astral Realm is a zone of frequency that was created by developing beings, such as humans, to hold or allow expression of blocked or unexpressed desires. These personality entities can have influence on our thoughts and behaviors, and ultimately are products of our own denied self. As such, they need to be acknowledged, accepted, healed and integrated into the conscious self. This is a reclamation of personal power and a release of fear that has held these energies in abeyance until a point in time when the conscious self is able to process the denied emotion and heal the wound that the astral personality represented. It is a retrieval, or calling back, of a wounded part of the self.

The process of reintegration with these parts of the soul is one of self reflection followed by invocation and integration. When the energies of the fractured soul have been re established, more wholeness of self is established. This translates into personal power through the harnessing of newly discovered skills, talents and abilities, with less interference and resistance, which are merely manifestations of irrational fears.

The method includes firstly identifying where you are experiencing blocks in your current life experience. Typical categories such as personal, relational, career, business or societal usually are useful in providing clues where to initiate the search. Once an astral doorway has been found, you will enter with your guide to call to you those disparate personalities that resonate with the issue at hand. Communication is established which leads to sharing of information through story and feelings. Integration is achieved through inviting and accepting the formerly estranged energy into your heart space for healing, which includes letting go of the pain or resentment that created the separation in the first place. Through letting go of separation we are healed and our soul is revealed.

This program can easily and powerfully be given in group format or in one to one private session. On line as well as in office sessions are both powerfully effective.

Contact me at for more information or to schedule a class or session. Tim Chambers MSOM

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