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Therapeutic Strategies

I am a licensed practitioner in massage therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbalism, and energetic modalities which support regulating healthy body organ function, reducing and eliminating pain issues, and managing stress and anxiety.


All Physical Therapy Services are provided at my studios in New York City and Santiago, Chile. Phone/Skype counseling sessions utilize visualization and breath work supported by my intuitive clairvoyant gifts. This serves to reduce anxiety and stress, and improve body/mind harmony. Scroll down to learn more about these five modalities and how they might benefit you.

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue

This method contacts deep levels of the musculature to bring about a focused therapeutic release of muscle tension. Deep tissue massage also utilizes oils and employs short and long strokes to contact deep muscle tension points to bring about a long lasting clinical result.

Myo Fascial

Fascia is a type of connective tissue that wraps and holds muscles and other structures. This method focuses on the muscles and fascia simultaneously to “warm and melt away” constrictions that bind the two structures, which cause loss of function.

Acupuncture Methods

Trigger Point Therapy

The method many people are familiar with, Trigger Point Therapy addresses dense, tense myo-fascial points, which are released through a gentle, direct technique, resulting in pain cessation of an entire area.

Wan's 3E​

A classical method developed by the Chinese Master, Dr Wan. Using a systemic meridian approach, the body is brought into homeostasis, resulting in a harmonious and balanced resolution of illness.

What Clients Say

Over the years I’ve been in treatment with a great many skilled physical and clinical therapists, guides, and wise mentors. I would not have assumed that one person could possess knowledge and precision in the practice of so many disciplines combined. Tim is the exception—a gifted clinician with a shaman’s soul who is accessible and honest, funny and curious.  I urge you to make an appointment now.

Carla, Cultural Liaison • New York, NY

Chinese Herbal Therapies

Based on two thousand years of collective experience, Chinese herbal formulas are used to assist the body in regaining and maintaining balance and harmony.


Various actions are promoted in the body as needed, such as expelling toxins, decongesting excess phlegm or fluids, nourishing and tonifying weak and depleted energy, or de-constraining and harmonizing tension.


Each Chinese herbal formula is safe and carefully crafted to bring about the desired result while maintaining balance and control.

Energetic Modalities

Qi Gong ​

Qi Gong works to invigorate the body and the psyche in a metaphysical, energetic manner. It is focused on moving Qi Energy through the body, utilizing breath and visualization, combined with various hand positions and techniques. 


A Japanese version of Qi gong, this method is calm, deliberate and sedating. A unique aspect of Reiki uses geometric symbols to connect the body/mind with healing Reiki energies.


Emotions are often stored as blocked memories in different body areas, tissues and systems. These emotional blocks can be impediments to healing as powerful as a swollen disc or a misaligned muscle/fascia chain.


Tim often works with imagery and deep breathing, as well as postural re-education, to unwind the vortex of emotional, mental, and physical pain causing agents. Sometimes a simple behavioral adjustment, commitment to an herbal dosage, or even a deep emotional release can be the key that opens you to a pain free, liberated experience of life.    

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