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Unpacking Fear

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Re-Birthing, Re-Earthing:

"Know Yourself, Connect With Others, Change the World."

Unpacking Fear

Knowing the value and use of fear is of utmost importance in this world of eternal conflict, even more so during the time of Covid-19. We are all brought together by this crisis, and each person is in a position to choose how they will relate to their own fear responses. Being in relationship with one’s emotions provides a constant course of choice, as we navigate the sometimes obscure line between self preservation and self defeating reactivity where our own fear is concerned.

The foundational part of fear has to do with the reactivity of the nervous system in relation to situations of security or survival. An impulse is triggered by some external or internal stimulus. A fear inducing stimulus could be something objective like a bus approaching at a high speed, or an internal stimulation such as a fearful memory triggered by something non threatening, like a wayward glance. The nervous system interprets these imputes and directs endocrine responses to provoke appropriate organs to the desired effect. In the instance where sudden action is needed, adrenaline is pumped to the skeletal muscles to effect evasive action. In response to a triggered traumatic memory, adrenalin can “get stuck” in the blood stream, resulting in anxiety since the event has no objective resolution. This type of fear can leave one feeling powerless, which in turn can provoke more anxiety.

In the present Covid crisis, there are ample opportunities to experience powerlessness, since there is so much that can’t be controlled. The act of mastery in this situation is to control what you can with a focus on economy and harmony. Matters that can be effected outside of one’s personal zone of control are influenced through group interactive shaping. This is where social media provides opportunity. Expressing oneself with like-minded people can be invaluable in finding one’s voice and joining in group consciousness to press forward a developing agenda. Social movements have powerful influence on governmental policy and inevitably manifest their own character as they go through their own developmental progression.

Self knowledge from the level of the soul is important in-so-far as subconscious and unconscious influences of reactivity are concerned. Negative behavioral triggers, usually formed in childhood, are important to be aware of, as they can be strong influencers of irrational fear responses. Mastery in this regard is of the self, which presents opportunities to integrate and utilize unknown powers of personality.

From the level of Spirit, Higher Light treatment, i.e. “giving it over to Spirit”, operating from the “Upper Room”, or blessing the entire situation with grace in the Divine Order of the Universe, has powerful effect as well. Not only does this practice result in lessening anxiety, but also through Faith, it allows a person to experience an expanded identity within a context of Cosmic Consciousness.

Developing understanding and regulation of one’s own internal operations concerning fear are crucial at this time. Discernment among actual situations of safety and security, irrational behavioral reactivity stemming from subconscious associations, and Faith based spiritual treatment, are skills needed to negotiate this transformational moment in history. Practicing conscious awareness on multiple levels of life is an important aspect of self empowerment that is leading humanity out of the world of eternal conflict and deeper into the world of mutually creative prosperity.

Tim Chambers leads weekly meditation classes on Zoom.

Sundays in August at 11:00 am. eastern time :

“Leadership in the Time of Covid-19”

Drug Update

Since Brazil is one of the breakaway Covid-19 virus spread world leaders, and they have world class research facilities to help produce as well as a public health system set up to distribute a vaccine, two vaccines are in phase 3 testing there. The Oxford vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, trial started on June 20th with 5,000 participants in Sao Paulo, Rio and northeast Brazil, in partnership with AstraZeneca Brazil. Buoyed by recent studies as to safety and efficacy published by Lancet (, the trial will now expand to at least 14,000 Brazilians and 50,000 volunteers world wide.

The Oxford vaccine, is designed to attack the virus on two fronts. Production of Killer T cells, which attack and destroy infected body cells, was increased. Antibodies were also stimulated to attack the virus itself while it is circulating throughout the body. These proteins, which are part of a bodies' natural immune response, are most importantly shown to bind to the spike proteins on the surface of the cells of the virus. The viral spike proteins, which give the virus its’ “crown”, are important to target because that is where the virus attaches and enters the body. B and T cells are also important in the bodies’ immune response. B cells are responsible for the production of specific antibodies that recognize spike proteins of Covid-19, while T cells provide important support in the development of B cell response. (

The phase 2 success of safety and efficacy of the Oxford Vaccine is significant and should serve to provide hope toward the creation of a post-covid world. Realistically however, widespread distribution of any vaccine will not become available until early 2021 at best. CONCLUSION - continued diligence of mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing will remain “de rigueur” for at least another six months.

Tim Chambers, MSOM, BS Psych., is a minister, teacher and counselor who specializes in managing stress and creating successful lives for his clients.

Grounded in positive psychology, Tim uses his psychic gifts in combination with a practical counseling approach to harmonize your mental, emotional and practical life experience resulting in true happiness. This is The Hallmark of his Multi Level Approach to Healing and Successful Living.

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