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Healing the Subconscious Self - "The Parent Contract"

The subconscious mind is a region of the soul, or personality self, which has great influence on our behaviors. The process of self awareness and transformation begins with a clear examination of the subconscious source that motivates our behaviors. By creating understanding and communication between the conscious and subconscious levels of self, we uncover and utilize unknown skills, talents and abilities that increase our power in the world. By expressing our intentions and motivations in conscious ways, we are easily able to create communication bridges with the higher frequencies of soul and spirit.

Child Self:

Healing of the inner child or the “Child Self” involves self examination of your relationship with your parents and family dynamic as a child. The mother teaches the child how to nurture, nourish and care for herself and others. The father teaches the child how to interact with the world in order to gain security and build outer relationships of creative prosperity.

One of the most formative and profound dynamics of life is the child’s method of adaptation to each parent’s personality, in order to get its’ needs met. This can be approached from a “contract” perspective, as a dynamic is developed between the child and each parent so that each member receives what it needs. For some children, obedience and an appearance of perfection result in overtures of acceptance and approval from the parent. These responses from the parent are perceived as love from the child’s perspective. It is only when the child becomes an adult and does not receive the expected response from people in the adult world, that the grown up begins to realize the deficit in her subconscious strategy. The same confusion can come from a child who employs a strategy of rebellion and defiance in order to get attention, even if it is negative, which she interprets as love. In the adult world, rebellion and defiance are often reacted to with strong controlling measures by society.

The process of the Parent/Child Contract examines this relationship through a series of self reflective questions, ultimately coming to an understanding of what your inner child contract was with each parent. A new contract with your own soul is written, which replaces the old contract as a commitment to honor your own creative power.

The process of healing through the parent contract gives you a clear understanding of the subconscious motivations behind many relationship, career and business choices. It reveals opportunities of expansion and achievement of your business and career goals, while enriching, deepening and harmonizing your relationships. This, in turn, brings you in closer communication with your soul and Spirit.

This program can easily be done in on-on-one or group settings, either in person or online. Contact me for more information:

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