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Ancient Methods for Modern Life

Integrated Healing Practices to Help You

Eliminate Stress, Pain and Dysfunction,

Resulting in Harmony of Body and Mind

My Services

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Meet Tim Chambers, MSOM

For over 30 years, Tim has helped people worldwide to eliminate painful blocks in their body and mind, resulting in increased vitality, mental clarity, and tranquility.

My Services

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Energetic Modalities



Chinese Herbal Therapies

Multi-Level Living

What Clients Say

Over the years I’ve been in treatment with a great many skilled physical and clinical therapists, guides, and wise mentors. I would not have assumed that one person could possess knowledge and precision in the practice of so many disciplines combined. Tim is the exception—a gifted clinician with a shaman’s soul who is accessible and honest, funny and curious.  I urge you to make an appointment now.

Carla, Cultural Liaison • New York, NY

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