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Updated: Apr 6, 2020

“It appears that we all need to take a step (or two) away from each other, in order to learn how to be together.”

This operation comes from a virus, as everyone knows. Viruses are organisms that express their destructive proclivities through the principle of assimilation. This one finds a way into into a cell’s DNA and corrupts its’ replicator function (RNA), programming the infected cell to repel immune system responses to the virus while replicating viral copies. These copies, released in the millions by each infected cell, go on to infect other cells. They also travel deeper into body systems to wreak havoc and destruction. The virus gains entry into the cell by attaching to a protein called ACE2. A similar protein exists in bats, where the virus is believed to have originated. The virus itself is contained in oily lipid molecules which are easily broken apart by contact with soap and water (ny times).

Adaptability is a key element in the process of outlasting this biological attack on our species. We have been forced to adapt our behaviors: Keep a safe distance from flying phlegm. Employ the 20 second hand washing rule. DON’T Touch The Face! Disinfect everything in sight. Perhaps past decades have acclimated us to a more interior lifestyle through Amazon and social media. The adaptation now is to turn this partly learned and partly forced behavior pattern into something positive, uplifting, creative, and sustainable. This is a truly transitional moment in the historical development of humanity, but also much, much more. It is a moment of group initiation, as we collectively integrate meaning and vision where the future of humankind is concerned.

Practical Adaptability is perhaps most effectively expressed in this crisis through development of therapeutic drugs. The anti viral drug, Remdesivir was used successfully by a Northern California doctor as a last ditch effort to save a victim of Covid-19. This drug disables the the copying function of the virus, called RNA polymerase. The drug has been effective treating other recent viruses and is now being adapted in clinical trials ( Another measure of adaptability is shown with the drug Kevzara, originally developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis. It is being adapted to help control the lungs’ inflammatory response to the virus. This drug is being adapted by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, which developed its’ original usage. The same company is planning to manufacture a cocktail of two antibodies taken from humans who have recovered from Covid-19 as well as genetically modified mice. This technique was used to develop drugs used in the treatment of Ebola (

Need Help Coping with all of this? A few things you can do:

Immunological Adaptivity Strengthen your immune system through Rest, De Stress, and Correct Consumption. Vitamin C - try 2000 mg twice daily with 50 mg zinc each time. It’s very good for the immune system. Try creating your own concoction of fresh ginger, a half fresh lemon chopped up with rinds, two teaspoons of turmeric/curcumin with a couple bags of green tea and 5 or six cups of hot water to deliver vitamin C. Lemon juice with rinds works to clear your system of existing phlegm, to produce a less willing environment for the virus to “set up shop”. Ginger is warming and it’s ok to sweat a little, a good way to expel toxins. B complex vitamin is good for stress. Sleep well and connect with friends and family to activate the healing hormones of well being, such as serotonin.

Conscious Adaptive Behaviors. Be sure to maintain your discipline of social distancing throughout any time spent with anybody, in public or private. Keep washing those hands several times daily and be conscious of when you touch your face so you can cancel/decrease that behavior which is often unconscious. These basic behavioral disciplines can actually do much to raise your consciousness concerning your place in the world, life around you and the value of the precious experience of human life.

Blessings and Gratitude, TimC.

I’m available on Skype and WhatsApp for readings and counseling during this most intense time of world transition.

Reduced pricing ($55.00 usd) for Stress Reduction and Anxiety Management: Visualization, Deep Controlled Breathing and Guided Meditation are the Key.

Rev. Tim Chambers, MSOM

Contact: Tim Chambers Multi Level Living

+1(646)465-1356 WhatsApp

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